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Fresh start

Posted by UniversalAnarchy - August 17th, 2016

My reluctancy to pay to be a supporter on this site means i can't change my username, which is a bad thing considering every other username on every other website i use has been changed for reasons that include me being a faggot when i was younger, and me wanting to have a unique username too (wow what a crime).

At first i was told to just contact a mod to get it changed, and I tried to contact someone about maybe possibly getting a name change, but i got no response, and no responses to follow up questions. i gave up. then i found out you need to be a supporter to do that, which pissed me off because nobody directed me to any usefull information, but instead ignored me. (It's not like i tried 1 time, i had been trying to contace wade since the begining of july...)

I feel like the only alternative is to create a new account, even though that means throwing out everything i've been working at (not much tbh) and getting re-scouted, which i have yet to decide if that's a good or bad thing. I'm on the verge of giving up on this website, it isn't what it used to be, and i'm trying to decide if i really should stay at this website.

With the new school year starting, i feel like this is a perfect time to flush all of my shit down the toilet and try again. If you're actually interested in me, ill post the link up to the new account maybe. I doubt anyone really is though ;(, but, i digress.

Hopefully there will be some info in the next couple days, but idk what my plan is, and i'm still trying to figure things out. not being able to change my name this whole time has set my account in stone. i can't change it, and whatever stupid ideas i had 3 years ago, im stuck with.

I know this seems like a big deal over a simple name change, but ive come a long way, and i feel like everytime i look at my account, i cringe a little bit.

ill keep you guys updated

-idfk wat my name is lol



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Im leaning VERY far towards just posting on sites i can actually monetize from. this account probably isn't going to be used ever again. The more and more i think about it, the more it seems like a good idea. so, bye newgrounds i guess. ill make a more formal post tomorrow after I've debated it.


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